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Revamp Your Brand: Embrace the New LinkedIn

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Think back to the 1980s corporate networking events: a room full of strangers, awkward silences, and the exchange of business cards in the hope of potential collaborations. This scenario might evoke how LinkedIn used to be perceived: a professional networking platform with minimal engagement, merely a business card of the digital age. However, the landscape has radically shifted. With an exciting array of new features and capabilities, LinkedIn has transformed into an active, thriving hub for business interaction.

Just like those tedious networking events morphing into vibrant social mixers with the addition of a DJ and a bar, LinkedIn has jazzed up its game. Your business doesn’t just need to be present on the platform; it needs to actively engage and leverage the possibilities it offers.

The Rise of LinkedIn: More Than Just a Formal Network

Boasting over 900 million members worldwide and 61 million registered companies, LinkedIn is the go-to platform for potential job applicants, customers, and vendors to gather insights about a business. The essence of LinkedIn is its business-centric approach. It filters out the fluff that often floods other social platforms, maintaining a high useful-content-to-clutter ratio.

LinkedIn has evolved beyond a hiring platform; it’s now a narrative hub, enabling businesses to tell their stories. Despite Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok being recognized as platforms for creative content, LinkedIn’s versatility is growing while remaining free from controversies that often plague these platforms.

Unlike other platforms that provide glimpses into your business, LinkedIn allows a comprehensive presentation of your company. It is a business-first enterprise populated by serious professionals. The chances of your content getting hijacked or trolled by bad actors are considerably lower.

Elevating Your LinkedIn Presence

Now, take a moment and view your corporate LinkedIn page. Is it compelling? Or is it more than a montage of job postings and press releases? Is there substantial engagement, even from your employees? Would you follow your page if it wasn’t your company?

Leading brands like Deloitte, The Nature Conservancy, and Coca-Cola showcase the potential of a well-crafted LinkedIn presence. Their vibrant pages, clear messaging, striking visuals, and engaging content set examples of what your page could become. Yet, don’t be swayed by the misconception that only large organizations can benefit from LinkedIn. Numerous small businesses are optimizing their pages, fostering high engagement and showcasing their unique offerings.

Companies are increasingly recognizing LinkedIn as an ideal venue for nurturing relationships with prospects, customers, partners, and vendors. It provides businesses an opportunity to humanize their brand in a professional context, like captivating the room with intriguing small talk at that networking event.

Harnessing LinkedIn’s Best Practices and Features

The page that served your company well a decade ago or even five years ago is likely inadequate today. Here are a few LinkedIn best practices and features to elevate your game:

SEO: Searchability Matters

SEO is no longer confined to your website and blog posts. LinkedIn content should be optimized for searchability. Some visitors will search specifically for your business on LinkedIn, while others may search by topic, business type, or other criteria. An optimized page will boost your visibility both within the platform and on search engines. Simple tactics, like using relevant keywords in your company description and posts, can help increase your visibility.

Video: Engage and Retain

LinkedIn has been allowing native videos since 2017 and has expanded this feature to include various types, including posts, articles, ads, livestreaming, profiles, direct messaging, and connection requests. Videos keep visitors on your page longer, which the LinkedIn algorithm favors, thereby increasing your visibility.

Events: Boost Visibility and Sign-ups

The Events feature on LinkedIn can enhance the visibility of your online and offline events and bolster sign-ups. Events can be made public or private, enabling you to target your audience more precisely. Used effectively, the Events feature integrates seamlessly with your customer relationship management (CRM) system, provides an additional call-to-action button on your company page, and sends timely notifications to attendees.

Articles: Showcase Thought Leadership

LinkedIn started allowing companies to create long-form content in 2021, and it has become a powerful tool to demonstrate thought leadership. Articles allow you to delve deeper into topics than traditional posts, offering comprehensive insights and solutions. Additionally, these articles are indexed by search engines, enhancing your brand’s digital footprint beyond LinkedIn.

Newsletters: Enhance Reach and Engagement

The Newsletter feature is another powerful tool to boost your reach and engagement. It allows sign-ups and sends subscribers notifications for each new issue, thereby fostering regular interaction with your audience. You also have the option to invite people to subscribe, enabling you to gradually build a dedicated audience for your content.

Start Learning from LinkedIn Itself

There are countless resources available to guide you in creating a compelling company page. However, the most intuitive starting point might be LinkedIn itself, offering insightful tutorials on everything from SEO optimization to graphic design.

Time to Join the Party

In conclusion, LinkedIn is no longer just a business card collector’s space; it’s an interactive, dynamic platform that, if utilized effectively, can generate tangible results for your business. Don’t just be there; engage, interact, optimize, and tell your story. Whether you’re a multinational corporation or a small local enterprise, LinkedIn offers immense potential for growth.

Investing time and resources into LinkedIn isn’t just about maintaining a presence; it’s about leveraging a tool that can connect, engage, and convert. So, are you ready to join the party? Drop us a message or schedule a call with our team today to make the most out of LinkedIn for your business.

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