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Local SEO: How to Rise to the Top of Local Search Results

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How often have you visited a new location for a vacation and wondered where you might locate the top eateries in the area? You probably did a search in your area for restaurants.

Businesses outside the hospitality industry also get an advantage from ranking well in local search results, not only those catering to tourists. Maintaining a high position in local search results is beneficial for any company, whether you run a traditional storefront or a service that offers home renovation in many areas.

Are you curious about what it takes to get your company to rank first in local search results and what Local SEO is? Keep reading to discover everything your need to know to get your business at the top of the local search result.

Local Search Rankings

Position on local search engine results pages (SERPs) is referred to as “local search ranking” (SERPs). Local search engine results pages (SERPs) vary slightly from national and international results pages.

Say you’re visiting Miami and are interested in sampling the local Stone Crabs. In this local search engine results page (SERP) example for restaurants, Google displays a local pack or a 3-pack at the top of the results. You may also find these locations on the right side of the map.

The local 3-pack appears just below any advertisements that may appear on the search results page. 

Factors that affect local search ranking

The three most important considerations are as follows:


Your brand’s relevance to the search phrase is essential to achieving a high search engine ranking in local searches. How does Google evaluate whether you’re related to a given keyword? It matches information from your local Google Business Profile to a person’s search.

Put your Google My Business listing into specific categories. There is room for one core and up to nine secondary categories when describing your company. Through Google’s business categories, you may inform Google about the nature of your business, increasing the likelihood that it will appear on search engine results pages (SERPs) for queries related to your organization.


In 2022, the distance between a business and a possible local result is also considered a ranking element in local searches. If the searcher doesn’t specify a location, Google uses the user’s IP address to make an educated guess.


How well-known your company is in the area is also a factor in how high Google places your website in local search results. Your company’s online visibility is researched using various resources, including links, articles, and directories.

Your Google company page’s local search rating is also affected by the number and quality of reviews it has received.

Why local search ranking is critical for your business?

Whether you already have an SEO strategy in place, you may be thinking if it’s worth it to put in the effort to boost your site’s local search engine results as well. Well, 56 percent of Google searches are for local companies, so it makes sense to commence your local SEO efforts immediately and get ahead of your rivals.

A notable local search ranking gives these extra benefits:

  • You rise in site traffic
  • You let clients readily access facts about your company
  • You boost foot traffic to your physical shop
  • When you do this, you remain ahead of the game.

How to improve position in local search results?

Following an understanding of the significance of a high position in local search results, the following steps may be taken to propel your company to the top of the page.

1. Optimize your Google Business Profile listing

So, let’s get down to brass tacks. To rise in the local search results and into the coveted three-pack, optimizing your Google Business Profile is a great first step.

Do yourself a favor, claim your Google Business Profile listing, and fill it out. Include your location, phone number, and hours of operation. People looking to visit your physical location will appreciate knowing the hours it is open.

Pick the one that best describes your company and add some pictures. Images increase trust and engagement with your brand.

2. Create citations in your area

Local listings in places like Yellow Pages, TripAdvisor, and Apple Maps may help boost the company. If you want to improve your local search results, having a presence in these directories is a must.

Your company’s name, address, and phone number should all be consistent throughout directories and your Google Business Profile. The Hyper Fuel helps you manage your local citations and keep information across various directories consistent and updated.

3. Register with review portals.

Fact: 80% of customers trust internet reviews as much as personal recommendations. Having a presence on review sites like Yelp and Glassdoor may help provide legitimacy to your operation.

4. Monitor your business’s ratings and reviews

Make your company the one that actively involves its clientele. Doing so enables your clients and prospects to know that you care about them. Google has indicated that company owners’ comments to reviews are vital since they enhance consumer trust.

Respond to favorable reviews by thanking your consumer. Negative feedback is inevitable; responding to it shows that you value your customers’ opinions.

5. Optimize your site for mobile use.

If you have a mobile site, Google’s spiders will begin indexing it before they get to your desktop version.

Making your website mobile-friendly is equally vital for your human audience since individuals spend 70 percent of their Internet time on mobile.

6. Get local inbound links

Earning backlinks from respectable local companies gives your brand a vote of confidence. In addition, people in your target demographic who visit websites often will send visitors your way.

Want your business to dominate in your area’s search engine results?

Do you feel prepared to commence your local SEO operations now that you know what will matter to your rankings in 2022? The Hyper Fuel is your one-stop shop if you need a local search engine optimization specialist.

Our local search engine optimization services help small and medium-sized businesses of all types connect with their local communities at crucial moments. We have the knowledge and experience to help your company reach local consumers actively seeking your goods and services. 

We have extensive experience offering local SEO for a wide variety of businesses, including those in the legal, landscaping, and home improvement sectors. We use a combination of on-page optimization and off-page syndication to increase your authority and get you ranked where you need to be.

Ready to implement an impeccable local SEO strategy for your business? Drop us a message or schedule a call with our SEO specialists for a free consultation.

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