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Advertising on Facebook: Proven Methods to Raise Your ROI

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Facebook advertising is a proven strategy for increasing conversions and monetizing your page’s traffic. However, what if you believe your Facebook advertisements are not doing as well as they could be?

I have the solutions you need if you are unhappy with the results of your Facebook advertisements or if you simply want to get your ads off to a good start. If you follow the steps on my list of top Facebook ad techniques, you should see a quick increase in revenue for your business.

Topics discussed in this blog include:

  • Tips for optimizing your Facebook advertising before they go live.
  • Ideas for how to improve your Facebook ads
  • Ideas for tweaking your Facebook ads once they go live.

If you want to learn more about optimizing your Facebook ads, keep reading!

For successful ad campaigns on Facebook, consider these four guidelines:

  • Identify your intended audience.
  • Put the Facebook pixel in place.
  • Build a sales pipeline.
  • Make an effort to establish both budgets.

Best practices are elaborated upon below:

Find out who you’re trying to reach.

The first step in reaching your desired audience with advertising is determining who they are. To achieve the maximum ROI from your advertisements, they must be seen by the correct people. Knowing who you’re trying to reach is step one in creating successful Facebook ads.

When deciding who to market to, consider who is most likely to want or need your goods or services. Features to keep in mind include:

  • Age\Gender\Location
  • Occupation
  • Consumption patterns
  • Extracurricular Activities And Related Topics

A thorough understanding of your target demographic can help you tailor your marketing efforts to your intended audience.

Set up the Facebook pixel.

The Facebook pixel should play an essential role in your advertising strategy. You can collect data about your website’s visitors by adding the Facebook pixel to your site’s code. This gives you insight into your target audience to tailor your offerings to them.

This pixel is placed in the website’s backend. Once placed, you’ll start collecting data from the visitors visiting the web pages where you installed the pixel.

There are two fundamental reasons why this functionality is so important.

The first reason is that it helps you understand who’s connecting with your business. If you don’t feel sure about who you’re targeting with your ads, your Facebook pixel can let you see who’s visiting your website and give you a better sense.

Secondly, it helps you track the efficacy of your Facebook ads. To gain insight into audience behavior and the road to conversion, you can track the pages that visitors visit after clicking on your ad.

Facebook pixel installation is one of the top Facebook ad methods to help you better understand your audience and enhance conversions.

Build a sales pipeline.

Advertising on Facebook can be done for a variety of reasons. You may focus on attracting people to your website, generating email sign-ups, or encouraging people to buy items. These advertisements are directed at potential customers at various stages of the buying process.

That’s why it’s crucial that you set up your sales funnel before you publish your advertisements. The sales funnel describes potential customers’ steps from being aware of your business to actually making a purchase.

One of Facebook’s most effective advertising methods is to build a sales funnel.

If someone’s finding your business, sending them an ad to buy your stuff isn’t fitting for them. An ad urging them to join your email list, however, is. In a nutshell, it aids in the timely production of targeted advertisements.

When you create a sales funnel, you gain an understanding of what ads to present to prospects as they travel through the funnel. Taking this technique enables you to increase results with your marketing.

Try setting both budget kinds

If you’re familiar with Facebook advertisements, you know that you can create two sorts of budgets: Daily and lifetime.

Your daily budget is how much you want to spend each day on an advertisement, while the lifetime budget is how much you want to spend for the entire campaign. One of the finest Facebook ad ideas is to try using both budget settings.

You may discover that some adverts are better served as lifetime budget alternatives. Still, others are better as daily budget options. Suppose you have a sale happening for an entire week, for example. In that case, a daily budget is better to ensure that people see your ad throughout the week.

A lifetime budget could be better if you’re having a first-come-first-serve free trial or free product. That way, when the interaction is strong, Facebook puts more of your money towards certain engagement times to help you meet your goals.

Testing out both choices is a great approach to identifying what works for your marketing campaigns to maximize results for your organization.

Facebook Ad Best Practises For A Successful Campaign

Now that we have covered the best practices for Facebook ad to follow before you set up your ad, let’s look at some top-tier methods to apply while developing a Facebook ad campaign.

Try alternative ad formats

When you build your Facebook marketing strategy, don’t limit yourself to one ad kind. One of the best benefits of Facebook advertising is that you can design ads in numerous forms, including:

  • Photo\sVideo
  • Carousel
  • Dynamic product adverts
  • Slideshow adverts
  • And more

Each ad format delivers unique benefits to your organization and might alter prospects’ interaction with your ads. You’ll want to explore employing different ad types to observe how they affect your ad performance.

Make compelling commercials.

One of the most critical Facebook ad best practices is developing high-quality ads. This recommended practice may seem simple, but it’s crucial to note what makes a good ad quality.

If you want to maximize the effects of your marketing campaigns, you need:

High-quality visuals: Your graphic is the part that draws your audiences’ attention and makes them want to stop scrolling and see your ad. Ensure your graphic isn’t fuzzy, pixelated, or stretched, so your audience gets an excellent view of what you’re presenting.

Informative ad copy: The information you give in your adverts is equally as crucial as your imagery. You need to provide valuable information to your audience, so they’ll desire to convert.

Right calls to action (CTAs): If your audience likes what they see and wants to act, you need to inform them how to do it. Create a call to action (CTA) that tells your audience what to anticipate next.

By including all these aspects in your ad, you’ll get greater results for your business.

Put up a special landing page.

One of the best Facebook ad ideas to explore is establishing bespoke landing pages. Custom landing pages help keep prospects focused so they perform your intended action.

For example, let’s assume you want individuals to click on your Facebook ad, so they join your emailing list. If you are using your homepage as the landing page, users won’t know how to sign up for your emails. You may miss out on gaining that conversion because those leads get discouraged.

Consider employing a bespoke landing page to make it easy for leads to convert. Custom landing pages help keep prospects focused since you can control how much information is on them. You can tweak the information to meet your ad and guide users toward performing one action.

More visitors will convert into buyers if you use a tailored landing page.

Market to specific demographics with targeted adverts

Not every prospect is interested in your business for the same reasons. An essential component of your Facebook ad strategy is to develop tailored advertising for distinct audiences. Creating tailored ads helps you to offer adverts to prospects that interest them most.

Let’s imagine you have two groups of audiences with the following traits:

Group 1: Women between the ages of 25 and 34 who work middle-class jobs, are single, and tend to buy cheap yet effective products.

Group 2: Women between the ages of 45-54 who hold middle-class jobs, are married, and like to invest money in higher-quality things.

Would it appeal to both groups if you were running commercials for your affordable workstations?

In this situation, likely not, as the people in Group 2 want to spend a bit more money to receive higher-quality things.

With personalization, you can develop advertising that appeals to both groups. You could make an ad focusing on your affordable desks for Group 1 while running advertisements for your higher-end desks for Group 2.

You can customize adverts in many ways, including by prospects:

  • Demographics
  • Locations
  • Interest and hobbies
  • Online habits
  • Shopping behaviors
  • The above and more

Ads tailored to specific demographics and interests are more likely to resonate with that audience and generate sales for your company.

Utilize Custom Audiences

Another one of the best Facebook ad ideas you’ll want to explore is leveraging Custom Audiences. Custom Audiences are people who are familiar with your brand, either from visiting your website, engaging with your content or similar behavior.

To deliver your personalized audience, Facebook examines the consumer data you give and compares it to Facebook users on the platform. It then links clients and individual users to produce your personalized audience.

Facebook has four sorts of Custom Audiences you can use:

  • Website Custom Audiences
  • Customer list Specific Targets
  • Engagement Custom Audiences
  • App activity Intended Viewers Only

Each of these audience groups derives from where users connect with your business. Suppose individuals mainly find your brand by visiting your website. In that case, you can utilize Website Custom Audiences to deliver your adverts in front of such prospects.

Facebook Ad strategies

You may believe your job is done after your ads are live, but there is still more to accomplish. To guarantee you get the most out of your promotional content on Facebook, there are two tactics you should employ after the ad launch. Here’s more on how to accomplish these two recommended practices:

Keep an eye on how well your ads are doing.

You need to monitor their performances to get the most out of your ad campaigns. That’sIf you don’t watch your ad performance, you’ll lose opportunities to optimize your advertisements and earn more income. That’s why ad monitoring is a vital Facebook ad technique for you to implement.

To monitor your advertising appropriately, you need to specify the metrics you want to watch. If you wish to examine clicks, conversions, or something similar, you should know what you want to achieve. Once you’ve created your metrics, you may monitor them to determine if your ads reach your goals.

Test ad campaigns

Last and definitely not the least, on our list of best Facebook ad strategies is to test your ads. If you are monitoring your ad performance and find you aren’t obtaining your desired outcomes, you can test your ads and find ways to enhance your performance.

Testing your adverts lets you see how another version of your ad can create greater results than the original. To ensure accuracy when you conduct testing, ensure it’s only one element at a time. That way, you can uncover the minor improvements you may make to improve your adverts.

Need help developing revenue-driving Facebook ad strategies?

Following this list of the best Facebook ad strategies will enhance your ad performance and drive more income for your business. If you aren’t sure where to start or implement the changes, partner with the specialists at The Hyper Fuel.

We know how to build Facebook Ad campaigns that produce results for clients and achieve the maximum returns for every cent spent on ads. 

Ready to implement a profitable Facebook Ad strategy for your business? Drop us a message or schedule a call with our Facebook marketing specialists for a free consultation.

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