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How to Drive Real Estate Sales Using Social Media

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For real estate marketing, Facebook and Instagram are becoming the go-to platforms.

There’s no doubting that social media has a huge reach and effect nowadays. Renters and purchasers are increasingly using social media to search for property listings and find their perfect house.

According to research published in 2020 by the National Association of Realtors in the United States, all generations of home purchasers start their home search online and walk around the homes they see online. Social media’s visual and interactive qualities boost web traffic and page views, and users can quickly share their favorite listings with friends and family.

Which platform should you choose for social media?

Each social media platform has its own set of benefits. Realtors must understand the benefits and drawbacks of each social media channel and how to use them efficiently.


The Facebook Marketplace can be used to list properties for free and promote them with low-cost Facebook advertising. With mobile-friendly listings, it caters to customers on the go and provides relevant property information such as housing type, price, and room amenities.

With Facebook Messenger, realtors will be able to react to questions or inspection requests from interested buyers directly. Realtors can engage with potential buyers in real-time through Messenger before they lose interest or decide to move on and look at other things.


This visual-driven social media site is a popular choice for real estate marketing. Realtors can target consumers within a specified zip code and radius with Instagram advertisements. Instagram’s carousel format (posts with several photographs or videos that can be seen by swiping left) can be used to attract new leads with attractive graphics. Viewers can zoom in on the images to see the listing from a different perspective and in greater depth.

What is the best way to use social media?

We’re all aware that Facebook and Instagram have a sizable active audience base. But how can you use these resources to help you grow your real estate business?

Make a captivating caption and description.

It is critical to write original descriptions that express honesty and warmth while still providing key information, such as specific qualities of the house, the neighborhood, and the property’s pricing, to appeal to your potential buyers.

In addition, you should only include five to ten targeted, relevant hashtags in your caption; any more will be overwhelming to the audience and may be misinterpreted as spam. Use #Property or #NewApartment instead of generic hashtags like #Property or #NewApartment because your message may be lost among millions of others. Make an impression by adopting a hashtag strategy that your target audience uses, such as #TempaApartments or #HoustanFlats.

Actively communicate with buyers who are interested.

You should include your contact information in your captions, such as your name, email address, phone number, or website so that potential customers can readily reach you. So that social visitors can contact you, you should activate Facebook Messenger and Instagram Direct Message. Don’t forget to turn on push alerts and emails on each social media channel so you don’t miss any messages from potential clients.

High-definition pictures and videos are a must

Beautiful, high-resolution property images are essential for many real estate companies’ social media efforts. Facebook and Instagram now allow you to display many photographs in a catalog-style presentation. It enables your viewers to quickly navigate through and view various rooms or homes all at once. Never confine your advertisement to a single image or one perspective of a room.

Get imaginative with multiple views to offer your audience the whole picture and help them image themselves living inside the home. Aside from photos, you may utilize drones to film yourself strolling around the house or even in the neighborhood to attract potential buyers.

We’ve only begun to scrape the surface of what it takes to generate sales through Real Estate Marketing. Going forward without a solid marketing plan is a bad idea for your business in today’s situation. Our marketing pros at The Hyper Fuel are vastly experienced in real estate marketing and are ready to help you and your business stand out in the ever-changing marketplace. Contact us today to speak with our Marketing Specialists.

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