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Organic Social Media – Building a Hybrid Marketing Strategy

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It doesn’t matter if you’re a large corporation or a small local shop; there’s no avoiding the fact that your company requires a social media presence. It’s where your consumers – and your rivals – hang out. Every. Single. Time.

Having an online presence provides social proof to your business, raises recognition, allows us to connect with our audience, and generates leads and sales. It is a crucial component of any marketing strategy for a business, as it will enable us to obtain more exposure and gain a deeper understanding of our clients.

Social media marketing is constantly changing. Keeping up with the newest trends might be difficult, but each movement opens up new possibilities. 

Marketers now have more data on how users behave online than ever before as consumers modify how they interact with social media. A chance to rethink ideas and set up social business accounts with greater care and precision.

The most common social media marketing structure nowadays heavily relies on promoted postings. They’re an excellent way for businesses to increase the visibility of the material they post. On the other hand, organic posts are frequently undervalued by most companies. 

When it comes to building an authentic relationship with your audience and solidifying the basis on which our ad campaign is built, organic marketing stands out.

Let’s look at sponsored vs. organic posts and why you need a hybrid plan that mixes paid and organic social media to understand better how each marketing method may help you build your brand.

Organic Social Media

Regular content that people post to a portion of their followers on their feed is referred to as organic social media. Six characteristics will determine how many of your followers will see this organic content on their feed: interest, timeliness, relationship, frequency, following, and usage.

Organic social media is still relevant, even if content delivery isn’t as good as it once was, because it’s the best method to cultivate a more personal relationship with your customers. It enables you to convey your company’s story and narrative (including successes and mistakes), resulting in a trustworthy and relatable face for your brand.

When developing an organic social media strategy, make sure you build and maintain your company’s individuality and voice.

Make the most of this opportunity to tell your company’s story. Create a community of people that share your company’s beliefs and interests, and interact with your consumers at every stage of the purchasing process. 

Make sure to build trust with your customers by providing prompt and dependable customer service. Also, please pay attention to your audience! Brands frequently fail to do so, focusing solely on what they have to communicate. So keep in mind that these are social tools. Accept the opportunity to learn from others’ observations and conduct, and make changes as needed.

Paid Social Media

As organic reach continues to dwindle, paid social media allows marketers to bypass the algorithm and reach new audiences who would otherwise be impossible to reach. It provides a one-of-a-kind opportunity to introduce your brand to new potential customers while reinforcing the keywords and products content you distribute on social media.

To summarise, paid social and organic social should not be viewed as competing forces but rather as techniques that complement one another. 

It’s no secret that social media plays an essential role in the marketing strategy of businesses across the globe, but it takes a team of experts to unlock the potential that social networking sites offer. 

If you want to bring your business closer to your customers on social media sites and apps like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, The Hyper Fuel team can create a hybrid social media marketing strategy that helps you raise awareness, increase engagement, and encourage leads and conversions. 

Contact us today to know we can make more money for you!

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