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Black Friday Digital Marketing Guide For 2022: Time To Hyper-Fuel Your Sales

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As Black Friday looms near, your business needs to start building a Black Friday marketing strategy.

Over $5.1 billion in sales were made for Black Friday and Cyber Monday in 2020. That number is going to continue to grow as online shopping becomes the primary way of shopping. Marketing your Black Friday deals online will allow you to reach more people with your sales and increase purchases for your business.

In this post, we’ll share with you the best Black Friday digital marketing tips for 2022. Let’s start selling!

Black Friday digital marketing tips

Start marketing your Black Friday promotions in advance.

To maximize your sales for Black Friday, we recommend starting your promotions early. We advise announcing your Black Friday specials at the very end of October or the very start of November. Customers will be more receptive to your year-end deal if they know about it in advance. You can avoid having your competitors steal your thunder by advertising it first.

In addition, if you start promoting your offer early, the people most interested in it will put aside their holiday spending money for it. Email marketing, social media, and content previews are great ways to get the word out about your sales. You will build anticipation for Black Friday by advertising your sales in advance.

Create and send personalized emails to your subscribers

Sending tailored emails to your subscribers is the next step in our Black Friday digital marketing guide. 

Social media allows you to engage with your audience directly, making it simple to send information to your followers. Because you’re already linked to people who are interested in your business, social media sites are a fantastic area to promote your discounts. 

You can directly deliver this information to people who want it by distributing a brochure or catalog about your upcoming sale. Additionally, users can share, like, and comment on social media posts. This participation might help you reach out to more individuals who are interested in your deals. You can begin marketing your Black Friday offers as early as Target did last year.

You should start advertising your deals the day they begin and continue doing so throughout the month. It’s an effective way to keep your sale in the minds of consumers.

Create product spotlights

Creating product spotlights is the next step in our Black Friday digital marketing strategy. Features of your items on sale for Black Friday can be highlighted in product spotlights. A product highlight’s purpose is to demonstrate your offering’s value to the target audience.

By emphasizing the product’s salient characteristics, you provide customers with a better sense of the product’s nature and whether or not it satisfies their needs. If your goods are what they’re looking for, sales on Black Friday will be higher.

The weeks leading up to your Black Friday sale are prime time for highlighting various products. You could have more people talking about your bargains and ready to purchase with you on Black Friday if you promote these offers via social media and email. As an added precaution, test your website’s capacity before launching an online sales campaign for these items.

Perk up your loyalty programs

Don’t forget about your regular customers as you plan your Black Friday ad campaign.

Black Friday is a great time to reward customers who have shopped with you before with special deals and discounts through your loyalty program. Incentives for repeat business, such as discounts or free shipping, might help bring in customers on Black Friday.

Also, offering Black Friday deals to new members of your loyalty program can help bring in more consumers.

You can offer members of your loyalty program the advantage of some Black Friday discounts in advance. That would give them a leg up on the competition and allow them to avoid the crowds.

Consider rewarding your most loyal customers with exclusive access, a significant discount, or even a freebie as part of your loyalty program.

Motivate your audience to take action with your marketing.

Next on our list of Black Friday advertising strategies is making users feel like time is running out on the best deals.

Customers should feel an urgency to buy during Black Friday promotions so as not to lose out. Whether you choose to close your Black Friday sale on the day itself or leave it open throughout the weekend, it’s important to give customers a sense of urgency about making a purchase. Similarly to how Huckberry did it, you may just make a public announcement of the cutoff time. A countdown timer is a powerful tool for encouraging last-minute purchases.

By instilling this sense of urgency, you will encourage more customers to make purchases before the sale ends.

Advertise your Black Friday sales

Promoting Black Friday deals is the last of our Black Friday advertising ideas. To get your adverts in front of the individuals who are most likely to buy your items or utilize your services, consider using pay-per-click (PPC) or social media advertising.

Google prioritizes paid placement advertisements (PPAs) over organic results. They’re at the very top and labeled “ad.” Advertisements like this are a great way to attract targeted traffic from Google’s search engine.

Advertising displayed in a user’s social media feeds is considered social media ads, and they’re directed towards a target audience. These advertisements blend in with the aesthetics of social media, drawing in viewers interested in learning more about your products.

Paid adverts are a great way to reach new customers. Use this space to publicize your Black Friday deals and bring in new customers. You can generate buzz by advertising your products in the days and weeks preceding your sale.

Create your Black Friday marketing strategy today

Now that you have your Black Friday digital marketing strategies for 2022, it’s time to start preparing your business for your Black Friday sales!

The Hyper Fuel is here to assist you if you are struggling to promote your business in time for Black Friday. We provide every aspect of digital advertising, from pay-per-click to social media to email campaigns. We have marketing specialists ready to assist you in developing a successful marketing strategy. Over the past years, we’ve helped our clients generate millions of dollars in sales.

Are you ready to hyper-fuel your Black Friday marketing strategy? Drop us a message or schedule a call with our digital marketing experts for a free marketing consultation.

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