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In the world of online marketing, you either get results or just talk about getting results. At The Hyper Fuel, we like to let our results speak for themselves.

Emergen-C A Vital Leap Towards Enhanced Health

Emergen-C, a popular wellness brand, partnered with The Hyper Fuel, enlisting our expertise in website design, digital marketing, and strategic planning. Our mission was not just to elevate brand awareness but also to drive sales, transforming the way Emergen-C connected with its audience.

"...I never thought an online strategy could so drastically enhance our brand's identity and sales. The Hyper Fuel has been nothing short of a game-changer for us!"


Rachel Bothwell, CCO

The Goal

Our strategy for Emergen-C was driven by the intent to shatter conventions and deliver a disruptive digital marketing campaign. We set out to not only capture the attention of Emergen-C’s target audience but also to distinctively set the brand apart from similar products in the category.

We aimed to broaden Emergen-C’s marketing narrative beyond the conventional ‘drink Emergen-C to avoid getting sick’. We aspired to inspire active consumers to embrace Emergen-C as a way to support a happy, healthy, and vibrant lifestyle. Our goal was to transform Emergen-C from a reactive health solution into a proactive wellness choice.

The Approach

The Hyper Fuel adopted an all-hands-on-deck strategy, knowing the importance of seamless integration in launching a full-throttle, 360-degree digital marketing campaign. We forged a solid alliance with Emergen-C to lay out the plan, breaking down the approach into manageable segments. We started by developing targeted display campaigns, carefully tailored to meet the interests and preferences of Emergen-C’s audience.

Through detailed research and demographic profiling, we ensured that our messages were reaching the right people at the right time, optimizing both reach and engagement. Every visual and textual element in the campaigns was designed to connect with the audience at a personal level, underscoring the unique value proposition of Emergen-C.

In parallel, we capitalized on the power of search marketing to drive traffic and raise brand awareness. This entailed meticulous keyword analysis and strategic SEO practices, harnessing organic searches to drive more visitors to the Emergen-C website. We studied search patterns, emerging trends, and audience behavior, integrating our insights into an SEO strategy designed to propel Emergen-C’s visibility on search engines.

A cornerstone of our strategy was leveraging email marketing to keep the conversation going with Emergen-C’s customer base. Crafting compelling, personalized email content, we nurtured relationships with customers and prospects alike, fostering trust, enhancing loyalty, and driving conversions. We were proactive in segmenting the audience and sending targeted messages, enhancing their relevance and efficacy.

The Approach

As part of our comprehensive plan, we also addressed the needs of offline stakeholders, creating engaging content for events and activations. Whether through standees, banners, or brochures, our team ensured that Emergen-C’s branding was consistent and compelling across all platforms. Our support extended to retail distribution sales, aiming to create a strong presence for Emergen-C at brick-and-mortar stores.

The final, yet crucial, part of our approach was a comprehensive update to Emergen-C’s website infrastructure using a state-of-the-art content management system (CMS). This was more than a visual facelift—it was a strategic move to streamline updates of event content, new product launches, and campaign landing pages. By ensuring that the website stayed fresh and up-to-date, we enabled Emergen-C to maintain an ongoing dialogue with their audience, keep them informed about the latest developments, and drive sustained engagement.

The Impact
Increase in Online Sales
Increase in Website Traffic
ROI on Marketing Spend With The Hyper Fuel