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In the world of online marketing, you either get results or just talk about getting results. At The Hyper Fuel, we like to let our results speak for themselves.

Old Trapper Driving Success With a Tailored Digital Strategy

Old Trapper Smoked Products Inc., known for its famous Old Fashioned beef jerky, has been partnering with us for more than just website development.
We’ve grown into a long-term relationship, collaborating to generate record-breaking months through innovative digital strategies and brand engagement.

......Their expertise in both technical and creative aspects allowed us to grow and strengthen our digital presence.


Paul Bilton, Head of Sales

The Goal

 Our primary objectives were to troubleshoot technical backend issues, improve user experience, enhance brand consistency, and ultimately, drive increased online sales for Old Trapper.

Additionally, we aimed to strengthen their search presence, align their online presence with marketing campaigns, and develop innovative solutions to support their long-term growth and success in the competitive market.


The Approach

We began by resolving Old Trapper’s accounting integration issue between Shopify and their accounting platform. In the process, we identified user experience and brand consistency issues arising from their dual WordPress and Shopify websites. By analyzing website and digital marketing campaign data, we discovered that visitors had three main goals when visiting Old Trapper’s site: to buy jerky, engage with the brand, and research products before shopping in-store.

To cater to these goals, we simplified the website by streamlining shopping organization, custom tagging, and reducing homepage length by 60%. This strategic content approach led to an increase in conversion rate, page depth, and overall engagement.

The Approach

As Old Trapper’s brand awareness grew through an expanding network of vendors, paid advertising, and national TV commercials, we focused on expanding their search presence. We targeted first-page rankings for flavored and bulk beef jerky keywords, continuously uncovering new ranking opportunities to dominate the market.

To ensure the ongoing success of Old Trapper, we work closely with their marketing team to enhance the website user experience, align with marketing campaigns, and develop new integrations to drive long-term online sales growth.

The Impact
Increase in Organic Search Traffic
Increase in Conversions
ROI on Marketing Spend with The Hyper Fuel