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The Chicago School

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At the end of 2020, The Chicago School was seeing great traffic to their blog, but not a lot of conversions. They wanted to increase leads and “request more information” form submissions from prospective students. Perfect Search aimed to repurpose their high-performing content into more conversion-friendly website pages and boost leads.



  • THF team began by identifying high-performing blog posts from The Chicago School that had evergreen, informative, and useful content for prospective students.
  • The Hyper Fuel team then worked to convert and optimize the blog copy into landing page copy, maintaining keyword rankings and adding additional keyword opportunities and interactive elements.
  • Our design team converted the copy into a page design, utilizing best practices for UX, accessibility, and conversion-friendly design.
  • After redirecting the old blog post links to the new evergreen landing page, we started to monitor performance, including traffic and keyword rankings to ensure there were no issues.


  • 77.5% increase in form submissions over the span of six months
  • Nearly 20% month-on-month increase in organic traffic over the next 6 months

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