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Dermatologist, Los Angeles (Santa Monica Clinic)

Dr. Ben is a highly-rated dermatologist in Los Angeles specializing in Acne, Acne Scars, Laser skin treatment, and other cosmetic services such as Botox, Restylane, and Juvederm. They sought a new marketing partner to handle their digital presence and acquire new patients. They wanted a complete rebranding of their practice.


In our analysis, we found that their website was not in the best state when we were contacted and was not ranking well on the search engines. Because of this, they had nearly no new patient acquisition happening from their website. After discussion with them, we decided to rebuild the website into one that would convey information about all the offered services and convert users landing on the page to scheduling their appointments.


We created a new custom website for Dr. Ben. We also rebranded their business by changing the colors and fonts of the brand. The effect was a visually pleasing brand that would attract more customers.
The website is SEO optimized on both onsite and technical. We optimized the website constantly to increase the conversion rate. We improved the conversion rate after a lot of trial and error.

As the client was looking for a channel to acquire new patients, we worked on expanding the reach of the business to the audience who were more likely to patronize them. Doing that ensured that the clinic would continue to gain a larger audience as it grew.
Another thing we did to increase their ranking was to create an internal blog. Our efforts yielded results as they are now at the highest rank they have ever been.

For email marketing, we also built an email list of 3,000+ recipients and used the list to get feedback from their clients. We achieved this by sending out follow-up emails asking for reviews and tips on how they could improve their services.


  • The Website Has Gotten 38,641 Users in a year
  • They Have Had 149 5-Star Reviews in the same period
  • They now rank on the first page for their top 50 keywords and rank for 1,645 peripheral keywords.
  • The CTR has increased from 1.84% to 5.76% & their search impression share is 49.04% on average.
  • They have consistently received a 9X ROI from their Digital Marketing Investment.

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