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Botanic Choice

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Botanic Choice reached out to us after noticing extreme organic traffic drop-off with no clear explanation of why this happened. Our team identified and resolved deep technical flaws on their existing site and then assisted in keyword expansion, new content generation, conversion rate optimization along with additional SEO optimization projects. Our team worked collaboratively with Botanic Choice’s marketing, writing and development teams to continuously optimize and overhaul their site through the course of the engagement.



  • Technical SEO Issues: We identified multiple sub-domains indexed by Google that were causing massive duplicate content issues, resulting significant dilution of SEO value across the site. THF team got these de-indexed and worked on removing the duplicate content penalties.
  • Keyword and Content Expansion: We fecoused initially on adding optimized keyword-driven content to product categories, followed up with longer exact match query based content that captured common User-asked questions and gave top product recommendations which helped boost product categories in addition to answering more top-of-the-funnel related questions.
  • Organic Search Revenue: We worked on dual targeting of both top and bottom of the funnel to significantly grow Organic Sessions.



  • By resolving technical issues, the site traffic restored to pre-drop off levels very quickly.
  • New user acquisition increased by 125% per month, compared to previous year
  • Total revenue increased by 70% in the first 6 months
  • 150% increase in traffic compared to the year before

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