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Intermountain Healthcare

Intermountain Healthcare had grown through a series of acquisitions and because of that they lacked a unified brand and awareness in the Southern Nevada region. The Hyper Fuel was engaged to help build the brand from the ground up. The client also wanted to aggressively scale their Medicare Advantage patient population that required continuous, integrated marketing campaigns to inform and educate seniors about their options.


Our preliminary market research among local senior citizens revealed that the company had little recognition in the community and people were not aware about the what the company does, with its primary competitor serving as the most visible brand in the market.


To effectively reach the community, THF team developed a multichannel marketing campaign to inform local seniors about Intermountain’s unique model of coordinated care. We brought a cohesive voice to the brand while showcasing the company’s providers and the critical role they play in serving local seniors. We also ran a campaign focused on Medicare Advantage enrollment. Enrollment initiatives were created after studying the current market share, collecting competitor insights, creating target audience profiles and identifying zip codes that had the highest propensity to grow. The Hyper Fuel has used a variety of tools to reach the core audiences, including SEO, organic social media, paid media, media relations, traditional and digital advertising, email marketing, grassroots and community integration, and direct outreach to patients .


  • THF helped Intermountain Healthcare quadruple their Medicare Advantage membership within the first year.
  • Intermountain Healthcare is now largest medical groups providing Medicare Advantage patients in Southern Nevada

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