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In the world of online marketing, you either get results or just talk about getting results. At The Hyper Fuel, we like to let our results speak for themselves.

Rip Curl Surfing the Waves of Digital Growth

Rip Curl, a market leader in surf culture for over 45+ years, collaborated with The Hyper Fuel to elevate their brand presence online through website design, digital marketing, strategy, and eCommerce. We developed a high-performance eCommerce website with a cutting-edge, mobile-optimized shopping experience and initiated 360 digital marketing to expand the Rip Curl brand in the US.

 "...The Hyper Fuel's exceptional work has invigorated our digital presence, capturing the spirit of our brand and driving remarkable growth in our online sales!"

Brooke Farris, CEO


The Goal

Our mission was to enhance Rip Curl’s online brand presentation and fuel digital business growth. The primary objectives included driving engagement, increasing eCommerce, branded retail, and specialty retail sales. Above all, we aimed to create an authentic website design that resonated with core surfers, remained true to Rip Curl’s values and culture, and embraced their 45+ years of rich history while innovating in the digital era. In addition, we sought to elevate Rip Curl’s position as a thought leader in the surf industry by highlighting their contributions to sustainability and product innovation and showcasing their partnerships with world-class athletes and events.

The Approach

We started with a comprehensive web and content strategy for Rip Curl’s website. Our content approach concentrated on striking the ideal balance between product marketing, athlete and event promotion, and lifestyle. We aimed to showcase the aspirational life of a surfer and the products that complement that lifestyle. To streamline the path-to-purchase, we reimagined the eCommerce process and merchandising, enhancing the user experience and reducing drop-offs. Subsequently, we launched cross-channel digital marketing to drive traffic from search, social, and display channels.

We also developed a robust content calendar to ensure a steady flow of fresh, engaging content that aligned with Rip Curl’s brand values and messaging. This included a mix of blog posts, social media updates, email campaigns, and multimedia content, such as videos and interactive features, to captivate and inspire the target audience.

The Approach

To further optimize the user experience, we implemented advanced personalization and segmentation techniques, tailoring the site’s content and offers to individual users based on their browsing history and preferences. This enabled Rip Curl to better connect with its audience and promote relevant products and initiatives, ultimately driving higher engagement and conversion rates.

The responsive design and robust eCommerce experience of Rip Curl’s new website ensure a seamless shopping journey across all devices. This revitalized platform showcases the brand’s premium products, sponsored athletes, lifestyle, and their unwavering passion for innovation. Our 360 Digital Marketing has helped Rip Curl capture market share, increase mindshare, boost online sales, and drive branded retail sales.

The Impact
increase in Website Traffic
Growth in eCommerce Sales
ROI on Marketing Spend With The Hyper Fuel