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iRestore Boosting Visibility and Leadership in the Hair Care Industry

iRestore Laser is a company dedicated to providing innovative hair restoration solutions. They partnered with us to secure coverage in the salon and hair care industry, highlighting their leadership role with hair professionals. Our collaboration has spanned over five years, and throughout this time, we have executed successful campaigns to raise iRestore’s profile in the market.

 "...Our partnership with The Hyper Fuel has been nothing short of remarkable, elevating our brand presence and solidifying our leadership role in the hair care industry!"

Kevin Chen, Co-Founder

The Goal

iRestore Laser wanted to reach the hair care professionals’ space to showcase its innovative products, build awareness, and establish its leadership role in the industry. Our primary objectives were to create a campaign that would attract attention from hair care professionals, secure coverage in top-tier industry publications, and generate interest among potential partners and customers. Additionally, we aimed to enhance iRestore’s digital presence and reputation, ensuring that the brand’s messaging and value proposition resonated with our target audience across all touchpoints.

The Approach

We began by developing a comprehensive PR and marketing strategy that encompassed both traditional and digital channels, ensuring that iRestore’s messaging would reach the widest possible audience within the hair care industry. This included crafting a press release that spoke to the benefits of hair care professionals, launching an affiliate program that would entice hair care experts to partner with iRestore Laser, and creating targeted content for social media and industry forums.

To support these efforts, we collaborated with the client to create an informational video, highlighting the new offering, program, and detailed benefits to pique the interest of our target audience. This video was distributed across multiple channels, including iRestore’s website, social media platforms, and targeted email campaigns, ensuring that our message reached potential partners and customers in a highly engaging format.


The Approach

We reached out to the hair care marketplace, emphasizing iRestore’s innovative solutions and the value they bring to hair professionals. The press release’s wire pick-up secured coverage in top media outlets such as Yahoo!, MSN Money, and CNN Online, generating great SEO value for the brand. Additionally, we leveraged our industry connections and media relations expertise to secure targeted interviews, product reviews, and guest blogging opportunities for iRestore, further enhancing their credibility and thought leadership within the industry.

The Impact
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ROI on Marketing Spend With The Hyper Fuel