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Long Island Intermountain Healthcare Building Brand Awareness and Expanding Medicare Advantage in Southern Nevada

Intermountain Healthcare, a prominent healthcare provider, had experienced significant growth through multiple acquisitions. However, this rapid expansion led to a disjointed brand identity and low awareness in the Southern Nevada region. Intermountain Healthcare enlisted The Hyper Fuel’s expertise to help build a cohesive brand from the ground up and aggressively scale their Medicare Advantage patient population through continuous, integrated marketing campaigns.

"...The Hyper Fuel exceeded our expectations, expertly crafting a cohesive brand and driving impressive Medicare Advantage enrollment growth in Southern Nevada!"

Nannette Berensen, COO

The Goal

Our primary goals for Intermountain Healthcare were two-fold. First, we aimed to create a unified brand identity that would resonate with the local community and set Intermountain Healthcare apart from its competitors. Second, we sought to raise awareness among Southern Nevada’s senior citizens and increase enrollment in their Medicare Advantage program. To achieve these objectives, we needed to develop a multichannel marketing campaign that effectively informed and educated the target audience about Intermountain’s unique coordinated care model and showcased the critical role of their providers in serving local seniors. In addition, we wanted to ensure that our marketing efforts had a lasting impact on the company’s overall brand awareness and recognition.

The Approach

We began our approach by conducting a comprehensive preliminary market research among local senior citizens to gauge Intermountain Healthcare’s current recognition and awareness levels. Our findings revealed that the company had little recognition in the community, with its primary competitor being the most visible brand in the market.

To address this challenge, The Hyper Fuel team set out to develop a comprehensive multichannel marketing campaign that highlighted Intermountain’s unique coordinated care model and emphasized the company’s commitment to serving local seniors. We focused on creating a cohesive brand voice that showcased the essential role of Intermountain’s healthcare providers and resonated with the target audience.

In addition to the brand-building efforts, we also designed and implemented a highly targeted campaign focused on Medicare Advantage enrollment. Our strategy was informed by an in-depth analysis of the current market share, competitor insights, target audience profiles, and identification of zip codes with the highest propensity for growth. By leveraging these insights, we were able to create a data-driven marketing plan that maximized the impact of our efforts.

The Approach

We leveraged a variety of tools and channels to reach our core audience, including SEO, organic social media, paid media, media relations, traditional and digital advertising, email marketing, grassroots and community integration, and direct patient outreach. By utilizing a multichannel approach, we ensured that our messaging reached the target audience across multiple touchpoints, creating a consistent and memorable brand experience.

Throughout the campaign, we closely monitored performance metrics, allowing us to make data-driven decisions and continuously refine our strategy. This iterative approach enabled us to optimize our efforts, ensuring that we achieved the best possible results for Intermountain Healthcare.

The Impact
Intermountain Healthcare is now largest medical groups providing Medicare Advantage patients in Southern Nevada
Medicare Advantage membership within the first year.