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CariFree Transforming from B2B to B2C with Digital Strategy

CariFree, a subsidiary of Oral BioTech, offers a revolutionary approach to dental care and cavity prevention. Our partnership with CariFree began in 2016, when we helped them overcome urgent technical challenges. Since then, our relationship has evolved into a long-term collaboration that involves refining their marketing efforts, increasing user engagement, and driving sales.

...The Hyper Fuel's expertise in transitioning our business from B2B to B2C has been game-changing; they've crafted a seamless online experience, skyrocketed our visibility, and boosted our e-commerce sales!


Ashley Latimer, VP of Marketing for CariFree


The Goal

Our primary objective was to shift CariFree’s focus from B2B to B2C, targeting the health and wellness market. We aimed to create a seamless website experience, effectively communicating the brand’s values to potential customers and driving e-commerce sales. This involved identifying the target audience’s key pain points and aspirations, and developing a tailored marketing strategy that addresses their unique needs and preferences.

Additionally, we sought to establish a strong and consistent brand identity for CariFree that would resonate with their target audience and set them apart from the competition. With a clear brand image, we could craft compelling marketing campaigns and content that would drive organic traffic, engage potential customers, and ultimately, boost online sales of CariFree’s revolutionary dental care products.

The Approach

We began by addressing Oral BioTech’s technical issues and optimizing their existing websites. Next, we supported CariFree’s move from B2B to B2C by crafting new messaging architecture, conducting detailed SEO and market research, and developing an ongoing marketing strategy. We also rethought the website flow and supported packaging and rebranding efforts to ensure a consistent brand image across all touchpoints.

To achieve a seamless transition to the B2C market, we analyzed the target audience’s behavior and preferences, helping us design a user-centric website that catered to their needs. We implemented responsive design, intuitive navigation, and visually engaging content that not only showcased CariFree’s products but also educated visitors on the benefits of preventive dental care.

The Approach

To optimize CariFree’s online presence, we employed pay-per-click (PPC) and search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to increase visibility and conversions. We conducted keyword research and on-page optimization, ensuring that the website ranked high in search results for relevant terms. We also ran targeted PPC campaigns, focusing on high-intent keywords to attract potential customers and drive sales.

We implemented conversion rate optimization (CRO) campaigns to enhance the shopping experience and maximize the value of website visitors. By testing various design and content elements, we identified optimal combinations that encouraged users to make a purchase or take other desired actions.

The Impact
increase in average monthly users
increase in average monthly organic sessions
ROI on Marketing Spend With The Hyper Fuel