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In the world of online marketing, you either get results or just talk about getting results. At The Hyper Fuel, we like to let our results speak for themselves.

Beecher’s Crafting the "World’s Best"

Beecher’s, a renowned name in the cheese industry, joined forces with The Hyper Fuel to amplify its digital presence and accelerate product awareness, engagement, and sales. Beecher’s, with its legacy of top-notch cheeses, embarked on an expansion journey into premium cheese products and frozen foods aiming for a national grocery distribution footprint. Born in 2003 in Seattle’s bustling Pike Place Market and Manhattan’s downtown, Beecher’s has been handcrafting cheeses that soon became a staple at their flagship restaurant facilities. Their product range expanded over the years, including delectable side dishes, all characterized by authenticity, robust flavors, and trust-inspiring real ingredients.

"...In my entire experience with marketing campaigns, the commitment and proficiency The Hyper Fuel showed in amplifying Beecher's digital presence was unmatched. The increase in prospective customers, the surge in brand awareness, and the triple-digit growth in website traffic were all remarkable. What impressed me the most was the significant revenue growth across both our online platform and brick-and-mortar stores..."

Amber Gvaramia, Director-National

The Goal

The Hyper Fuel had a mission – to position Beecher’s as the foremost premium brand in the frozen food aisle, particularly for Lasagne and Mac & Cheese. Beecher’s products, made with top-tier ingredients and known for their deliciousness, earned the title of the “World’s Best.” We aimed to leverage this standing and use a dedicated brand campaign and digital marketing efforts to heighten awareness, stimulate product trials, and propel sales. The emphasis was on promoting the authenticity, integrity, and flavor-packed nature of Beecher’s offerings.

The Approach

Our approach, in collaboration with Beecher’s, encompassed devising a robust strategy and comprehensive plan to enhance the brand’s visibility across digital channels. We focused on creating the concept, copy, and art direction for the “World’s Best” brand campaign, aiming to accentuate Beecher’s frozen product line. We optimized a multitude of digital marketing activations to captivate new customers and engage Beecher’s established target audience.

Our efforts were geared towards standing out in the crowded digital landscape by launching an innovative 360-degree digital marketing campaign. The campaign was designed to drive revenue growth, especially in high-performing regions identified through careful geo-targeting.

Our journey with Beecher’s was marked by a commitment to comprehensive and continual attention to every digital touchpoint. From keyword research, website optimization, email campaigns to SEO improvements, each step was meticulously executed to capture, engage, and convert Beecher’s target audience. We complemented our digital efforts with strategic offline activations, aiming for a seamless integration of the online and offline customer experiences.

The Approach

We emphasized the power of user-generated content and online reviews, engaging Beecher’s customers in a brand loyalty program that incentivized positive reviews and referrals. This move not only strengthened the relationship between Beecher’s and its customers but also leveraged the social proof to attract potential buyers.

Moreover, we consistently tracked and analyzed the performance data, allowing us to refine our approach, optimize the customer journey, and personalize user experiences. This data-driven mindset enabled us to remain agile, adaptive, and always ready to exceed our client’s expectations.


The Impact
Increase in Website Traffic
Increase in Grocery eCommerce Orders
Increase in Social Engagement